Anaglyph 3d pictures are the ones that have the right eye image in one colour and the left eye image in another. Usually red and blue glasses are used and mine need the red lens on the right eye. (usually the glasses come the other way round if you have plastic ones. Cardboard ones are better as you can fold them either way) I make these up as cards, sometimes with the non 3d image on the back so that the card is ‘reversible’ … and each card comes with the 3d specs of course. Below are the pictures in both black and white and colour. Personally I think they work best in black and white but I’ve included the colour versions for interest. Some work better than others, both in colour and in depth of 3d effect.

Click on the image for a sideshow, in the show click an image to remove the border and again to restore.

If you need glasses, you can find them on ebay very cheaply (get the card ones), otherwise contact me and for £1 I’ll post you a pair out (UK only) In 2013 I made up a book, spiral bound, using the 3d images on the right hand pages and some images from my old family album and from other sources on the left together with a fictional narrative. Printed on heavyweight A4 canvas paper and interleaved with mulberry paper, I spiral bound it and showed it in the Rutland Open in spring 2014. To my astonishment and delight, it won the Creative Leicestershire prize … and it sold! The ‘book’ is available as a pdf file, or as an A5 version, also spiral bound. Contact me if you’re interested in this or any other image or product.